Wet Seal Designers Can’t Spell?

Wet Seal sells a Tunic which uses an incorrect spelling of your. I can’t stand this. People have a hard enough spelling as it is. Now there’s a retailer contributing to the problem.

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Nicaraguan Bus Driver is Crazy

nicaraguan bus waterfallThis bus driver in Nicaragua = doesn’t give a fuck. Drives his yellow cheese bus right over an overflowing river, looking a waterfall in the face in the process.

(via neatorama)

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Photo Monday 9: Blunder Picks

One way to unsubscribe from Wal-Mart

walmart text message iphone
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Top 3 Warehouse Accidents Caught on Video

There are some intense warehouse accidents on YouTube. I worked in a warehouse for about two weeks when I was a teenager and that was it for me. I couldn’t deal with that shit.

Russian Vodka Warehouse

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Wisconsin Town Doesn’t Know Where Time Capsule is Buried

It’s embarrassing when a town can’t remember where they buried a 35 year old time capsule. Kimberly, Wisconsin officials had to move a 1985 time capsule in 1997 and cannot recall where it ended up. So when the town’s 100th anniversary came up this year, there was no time capsule celebration.

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Photo Monday 8: Our Picks For the Week

A long time since we made a Photo Monday. Sorry about that.

Black Metal Food Court

Black Metal Food Court
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Sending the Kids Mixed Signals

If you want to confuse your young kids, eat some of these edible crayons in front of them. From Luxirare, these crayons contain some of the following ingredients:

  • processed nuts
  • sesame seeds
  • melted marshmellow
  • bee pollen

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Pittsburgh Contractor Demolishes Wrong House

andre hall pittsburghAndre Hall can’t believe the city off Pittsburgh demolished his house by accident. Leave for the holidays – come back – and there’s a backhoe on my house.” Hall’s house was supposed to be demolished some time in the past, but he got a court order to stop it and had been making a lot of renovations to the house. Instead of demolishing the house next door, Andre Hall’s house got smoked anyway. The AP video below focuses in on a piece of equipment but does not mention the erroneous contractor by name.

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This is Some Bad Concert Promotion

Don’t promote your concert like these people did in Italy.

(via blame it on the voices)

Pedro Games Sells You a Broken Nintendo and Won’t Replace

Pedro GamesNintendo Entertainment System (NES) was the best when I was a kid. It’s still the best now. So when I scooped up a nice NES game lot in Boston with some awesome titles like Zelda, Donkey Kong Classics, Marble Madness and Paperboy, I needed to get an NES console to play them on. Off to eBay I went. Looking around, I was a bit surprised at the prices at some of the units. Pedro Games listed their NES consoles around $60, had decent feedback (98.8%), and seemed to know their stuff. Part of the reason the prices were somewhat high on these 25 year old systems was their “new 72 pin” that are installed. Ok, well I can get into that if it helps the system out.

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