Oh Shit. Did MediaFire Get Shut Down?



Mediafire has not been shut down. They had some routine maintenance that took longer than usual. Their temporary webpage explaining this was either bogged down with traffic or Mediafire made a calculated decision to let everyone freak out and spread their brand all over the internet! Updates below are from old-to-new.

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Just tried to go to MediaFire and it’s not loading up. Heard a rumor this place got shut the fuck down. I would assume music piracy is too blame? Porn? Sensitive documents? How will we all make it without MediaFire? Fuck.

It’s no secret that anyone could essentially search Google for band name mediafire and get served up a MediaFire link to a zip file. Download and you have the album for free. Super quick and way more dangerous than anything like Napster, KaaZa, or SoulSeek. I wonder if this finally caught up with them?

Update 10:28PM EST

Twitter is shitting a brick over it. Hard to find any concrete evidence from all the teeny bopper tweets.

MediaFire Shut Down Twitter Search

Update 11:01PM EST

Still no word on the fate of Mediafire…was it RIAA? Is everyone just freaking out for no reason? Why wouldn’t they put a maintenance message up? In the meantime, here are some other sites you can use for “free hosting”:

Update 11:15PM EST

Found this screenshot on a messageboard. Looks like it could be maintenance for MediaFire after all? All the people trying to see if it’s down could have put too much pressure on their temporary servers! We’re still not sure, though!
Mediafire maintenance

Update 11:47PM EST

Scattered reports that Mediafire is back up for some people. If the screenshot above is true, then only 15 or so minutes…

Update 12:09AM EST

Mediafire is still down over here. What’s the deal? According to a tech nerd we know, websites can often change their IP address in a process like this and the new IP address can take a while to “propagate” over the internet. Any IT people can feel free to chime in on this in the comments to clarify for us.

Update 12:18AM EST THANK GOD

Mediafire is not Dead

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  1. Mossack Anme has this to say:


    A weird decission from RIAA, complete official word is supposed to be announced tomorrow.

  2. William Hillhouse has this to say:


    Mediafire is back up. It seems to have just been a rumor.

  3. Marty has this to say:


    William, still down for me! what’s the dilly here??

  4. Gohan has this to say:


    @William Hillhouse

    Liar. Mediafire is still down >.<

    WTF is going on I got crap to download D:<

  5. Gohan has this to say:


    *Looks at the update


    Okay then…

  6. RK has this to say:


    False alarm. Mediafire’s up for me :)

  7. Gohan has this to say:


    It’s up for me now too but I can’t download anything.

  8. Gohan has this to say:


    Probably went down because of the hurricane…

  9. Frank has this to say:


  10. ruffox has this to say:


    cmd.exe > ipconfig /flushdns

  11. kafir has this to say:



  12. Ruchira Sahan has this to say:


    Rapidshare must be proud! :P

  13. maxpower has this to say:


    INFORMACION OFICIAL DE #MEDIAFIRE: http://bit.ly/c67CHo El servicio está en mantención. Falso Rumor de la #RIAA . http://www.identi.es todo por MF.

    OFFICIAL INFORMATION OF #MEDIAFIRE http://bit.ly/c67CHo The service is in maintenance. False Rumor of the #RIAA.www.identi.es everything MF.