Don’t Talk About Price Chopper on Twitter

Update #1: An employee named Ameerah has stepped forward to accept responsibility on Price Chopper’s behalf. She apparently acted on her own, failing to notify Price Chopper’s team when responding to “Donnie’s” negative tweet. Still not sure why she took it upon herself to contact his employer, which still blows us away. Her twitter account notes that she is an MBA-educated PR Specialist.

Price Chopper twitterOver at a Price Chopper Fail tumblr, Anthony (@rotolo) has described a recent altercation that took place between Price Chopper’s media team and a customer. For our purposes here, we will address the anonymous customer in Anthony’s story as ‘Donnie’. According to Anthony, Price Chopper overreacted to a tweet from ‘Donnie’ in which he compared them to Wegman’s, a rival grocery store in the New York area. The tweet read something like what is below. The original tweet and photo is no longer online and neither is the link to the image. Price Chopper tweet Wegman's

Donnie Enters a World of Pain

Price Chopper signAfter Donnie posted his critical tweet on Twitter, Price Chopper’s media team contacted numerous executives at the company the Donnie works for to label him as “negative” and “destructive”. Price Chopper, you imbeciles. Why would you do this? Don’t you know how to respond to negative criticism on the internet in 2010?  Pulling shit like this is the worst type of thing you can do, because the spotlight is now on you and your media team! Have you done this to other patrons? Instead of taking the criticism and turning it into a positive by working with Donnie, you work against him, telling on him like a 6 year old. You do not mess with someone’s family or job.

Price Chopper Responds?

In the comments of Anthony’s post, we see a comment by Heidi Reale, Director of Consumer Insights for Price Chopper: We had no knowledge of this situation until we received tweets just a short while ago. We are currently looking to get details regarding the this post. Once we do, we will be in a position to address the customer’s concerns, as up until now, we had no knowledge of this situation. Sounds like Price Chopper is trying to cover their ass until they come up with a better explanation for why they did what they did. Hopefully they will come clean instead of digging a deeper hole.

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