Fat America Loves that Big Soda

The Mega GulpReason #632 on why America is too fat: sugary fountain soda sizes have gone up over time. The bigger is better mentality doesn’t seem to slow the fast food giants down.Yeah, Hummer bit the dust but not fast food, man. For a while, I thought it would backfire after Morgan Spurlock made Super Size Me, but McDonald’s and the others marched on through what was simply a minor inconvenience. Take a look what used to be a king size 60 years ago. And then take a look at the monstrosities that exist today. This shit is just not necessary. How much fucking soda do you need? (edit for New England people: How much fucking tonic do you need?)

King Size in the 1950s

1950 King Size

King Size These Days

The Mega Gulp

Long John Silver's Drink Sizes

(society pages via boing boing)