Netflix Outage Tonight With Intermittent Service. Computer is Best Hope.

Update 9:57 EST

Yes! This is now working for me using my Apple TV! Netflix must have fixed the streaming outage… Working for you yet?

Netflix The Burbs

Update 9:31 EST

Put in another call to the Netflix support line and spoke to Scott. Nice guy who was helpful. No real reason as to why the outage is occurring (not that we’d know the technical sutff anyway). But Scott did say some devices are working and others are not…it’s very intermittent and there is no estimated time of when this will be fixed. He went on to say that generally, people are having luck connecting through their computers via Microsoft’s Sliverlight plugin that you need to use.

Update 8:59 EST

Had a faint glimmer of hope as i received a different error message just now instructing me to log in again to Netflix. I held my breath but then got hit with another error message. This time in a larger font size!

netflix streaming error

Update 8:42 EST

Here is some video of the Netflix issue on Apple TV.

Update 8:17 EST

Just spoke with Netflix phone support. The call opened with a recording notifying users that streaming is having some issues right now. The representative had to check but yes, my problem logging into my account via Apple TV is related to the streaming problems they are currently having. PS3, Wii, and Apple TV are having most of the problems. Users on computers are better off right now. The Netflix call center sounded hectic and crazy.

Update 7:59 EST

Looks like Netflix is way of it per this tweet.

netflix tweet

Original Post

Just got my Apple TV in the mail. When trying to connect to Netflix, I get this error:

Apple TV Could Not Connect to the Server. Please try again later.

I believe this is also Error 114.

Apple TV Netflix error

4 Commenters

  1. Shawn has this to say:


    THanks for posting

    I found this post too late – I tried deactivating my device and everything but still no go at 10:30 EST in Miami

  2. Marcel has this to say:


    working here since 10:40!

  3. Andy has this to say:


    Same problem happening to me now- July 17, 2011 – 8:35pm (Providence RI) – Some comfort knowing its an Apple TV streaming problem vs something in my control…
    fingers crossed it gets fixed.

  4. Kimani has this to say:


    Not working here yet. 9:56 PM (central).