Shoulda Been a Direct Message?

Here’s one I saw on Twitter user @lokay’s feed. Looks like someone at the MBTA Transit Police was a little too fired up for the New England Patriots game, sending a public message rather than a Twitter direct message. Dude, use texting or personal email!

MBTA Transit Police

QVC Shows a Nook Off With Profanity

QVC recently threw a Barnes & Noble Nook up for sale on TV. The bad news is the page they displayed from The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo.

QVC Nook swears

(hat tip to soaptylerdurden from reddit)

Hulu is For Sale…Is it a Bust?

Hulu’s owners are putting the web site up for sale, hoping to rake in some cash from a mega–company like Yahoo, etc. For a while, it looked like Hulu could be a viable option for peeps who did not want to sign on with Netflix. Rumor has it that Jason Kilar (Hulu CEO) is rubbing Hulu backers (read: studio and network execs) the wrong way and tensions have been mounting.

I wonder if new management could make Hulu work. Everyone I know who purchases on demand media usually goes with Apple or Netflix, not Hulu Plus.

hulu for sale

(via gawker)

Xoom Tablet Does Not Support Flash on Launch

Motorola launched their answer to Apple’s iPad tablet with the Xoom. While the Xoom has better hardware specs (until Apple holds their iPad2 event on March 2), it did not ship with a certain piece of technology that many users wanted – Adobe Flash. Lots of users want flash on their tablet since over 95% of web video is run off flash technology. Apple was able to circumvent this issue since their propriety YouTube app is able to fire up videos for users. Much of the web is (supposedly) headed towards an open web video standard helped by the new iteration of HTML5.

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Cassette Tapes Decks in Cars are Extinct

A post over at Geekosystem details the end of the cassette tape deck in cars. The Lexus SC430 is the last vehicle to come with a factory tape deck! What a sad but long overdue end to the cassette tape in cars. My father has the CD/Tape hybrid in his bitchin’ red Pontiac Grand Am. Some of my friends still have the tape deck but most don’t even use tapes! Whaaat? My first car, a 1986 Cutless Supreme (white) had a sweet tape deck that I used to play Nirvana, Green Day and Toadies tapes. Actually, now that I really think about it, that tape deck sucked and broke! I had to have someone install a CD player for me, but still played the tapes at home.

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MacBook Air Suspended By a Helium Balloon

macbook air held up by balloonSuch cool marketing from Apple. They’ve suspended a MacBook Air with a helium balloon in their store window to illustrate just how light the Air is. The balloon looks pretty thick and could be industrial, but it’s still something to look at.

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Pedro Games Sells You a Nintendo But Stops Responding To Inquries When it Stops Working

Pedro GamesNintendo Entertainment System (NES) was the best when I was a kid. It’s still the best now. So when I scooped up a nice NES game lot in Boston with some awesome titles like Zelda, Donkey Kong Classics, Marble Madness and Paperboy, I needed to get an NES console to play them on. Off to eBay I went. Looking around, I was a bit surprised at the prices at some of the units. Pedro Games listed their NES consoles around $60, had decent feedback (98.8%), and seemed to know their stuff. Part of the reason the prices were somewhat high on these 25 year old systems was their “new 72 pin” that are installed. Ok, well I can get into that if it helps the system out.

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When the IT Department Decorates For the Holiday

What would happen if you delegated the holiday decorating to the IT department? You know, the people who fix your computers after you always break them? Would they do a good job? Would it be festive? Thanks to diamondjo on reddit, we now know. Using scenes from Super Marios Bros. 1, South Park, and Pacman, this IT department had some decorating fun.

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TSA Misses Loaded Gun in Man’s Computer Case

Gun TSA MissesThis will make you feel safer while flying. TSA in Houston, TX at Bush International Airport missed a loaded gun located in a man’s computer case. Not sure how it happened, but the man realized their mistake when he landed and alerted authorities. He forgot that the firearm was in his computer case. Since laptops need to be taken out of cases and scanned separately, this one is a mystery.

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Robots Replace Humans in Roadside Sign Holding

A Consumerist reader saw this funny robot holding a sign outside a jewelry store. At least she looks happier than the regular people I usually see holding up signs on the side of the road. Sucks about that whole robot-taking-human’s-job thing, though,